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Brand Information

Brand Name: Ai Sisi

English name: IVIES

Birthplace: Yanbu, South China Sea

Founded: 2003

Brand Grade: Low Grade
Main Products: Underwear, Bra, Panties, Body Underwear, Functional Body Underwear
Brand characteristics: "Xingmei" and "Shenmei" are manifested in underwear knitting design
Phone: 0757-85729068 85729060
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      Brand News

        In a world full of love, there is a kind of magical plant "Ivy" (English name IVIES). Ivy has the symbolic meaning of joy and vitality. It also symbolizes immortal and eternal youth. Ivy --- friendship, marriage, and never separate. Ivy is a very beautiful evergreen vine, which indicates the longevity of youth. Therefore, it has a beautiful name, ivy, which is deeply loved by people. The sender of ivy represents the evergreen tree of friendship. If a friend gets married, the beautiful figure of Ivy will also be in the bouquet for the bride. I wish a happy wedding and old age.

        Ai Sisi is a transliteration of the English name IVIES, and the Chinese name of IVIES is ivy. Ai Sisi underwear expresses the "shape beauty" and "god beauty" of ivy in the underwear knitting design. The design concept is healthy and environmentally friendly, close to nature, blending eastern and western aesthetics, and repeatedly tempering, to reach the perfect state, and fully interpret the perfect harmony between nature and humanity.

        contact details

        Company Name: Foshan Nanhai Aimasi Underwear Co., Ltd.
        Company address: No. 169, Yongqing Road, Yanbu, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
        Postcode: 528200
        Phone: 0757-85729068 85729060
        Contact: Marketing Department
        Fax: 0757-85729059
        Enterprise official website: