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Brand Information

Brand Name: Vidi Long

English name: VDLONG

Origin: Zhongshan


Brand Grade: Low Grade
Main Products: Men's underwear, men's underwear, women's underwear
Brand characteristics: Vidi Long's underwear has always been known for its high quality, comfort and popularity.
Phone: 0760-22234888
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      Brand News

        product style:

        Comfortable and natural experience, soft and relaxed touch, interpretation of individual self-pursuit, highlighting the wildness of men

        The unrestrained side.

        Brand Concept:

        "Good underwear products are like works of art and will always be remembered. We strive to make products that meet your taste.

        Underwear "Videron" adheres to the basic concept of "quality determines the brand", in the design, research and development, manufacturing

        In manufacturing and retailing, starting from the needs of consumers, we carefully create fashion,

        Comfortable and thoughtful product. No matter when and where you are, "Vidiron" will show you the man

        Fashion, charm, and personality.

        Brand Services:

        Vidiron's underwear has always been known for its high quality, comfort and popularity.

        As a professional manufacturer of men's underwear with many years of experience, the company will invest more resources,

        To ensure that the quality of the Verdilon brand is always in the hearts of hundreds of millions of customers.

        For franchise partners in China, we will provide a full range of services,

        Management, employee training to increase the added value of the brand. At the same time, Vidiron's highly efficient logistics team,

        Will fully support the sales team. Through the information management platform, we will provide the most professional logistics support

        Ensuring sufficient goods in terminal stores.

        contact details

        Company Name: Zhongshan Chuanqi Clothing Co., Ltd.
        Address of Company: No. 8 Wanhe Road, West District, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan
        Postcode: 528415
        Phone: 0760-22234888
        Contact: Marketing Department
        Fax: 0760-22236339
        Enterprise official website: