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Brand Information

Brand Name: Kang Lun

English name: cleancool

Origin: Shanghai, China

Founded: 2011

Brand grade: middle and high grade
Main Products: Aerospace Underwear
Brand Features: Aerospace underwear that will clean itself
Phone: 400-1091-910 021-54488767 / 8/9
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  • Kanglun Aerospace Underwear will participate in mid-2013

    Kanglun Aerospace Underwear will participate in mid-2013

    On March 12-14, 2013, the well-known aerospace underwear brand Kang Lun will participate in the 2013 China Knitwear Trade

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Kang Lun is a brand of Shanghai Xing Nuo Kang Lun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. The company uses Kang Lun fiber with an invention patent to remove aerospace functions (anti-UV, flame retardant, etc.) that are not needed for ordinary people. Developed a new generation of aerospace underwear with self-cleaning; antibacterial; deodorant; moisture absorption and perspiration, Kanglun Aerospace Underwear, and greatly reduced the production cost. You can also wear aerospace underwear and enjoy the fruits of safe and healthy life brought by this high technology.

Astronauts working and living on the space station are completely different from life on Earth. It is not convenient to do everything in space without gravity. For example, the problem of astronauts taking a bath has not been solved. Astronauts also sweat at work, and the skin's metabolism will cause the skin nitrate to fall off, which will cause a large number of bacteria to multiply and produce an odor. If not removed in time, the astronauts' health will be endangered, and the bacteria will cause the astronauts to become ill. However, it is impossible to take a bath in space, because without gravity, the water used for bathing will be suspended in the air, and it will not be cleaned at the same time, so this is a big problem.

Hundreds of millions of bacteria live on an astronaut, and there are more than billions of bacteria on the hands and mouth. These bacteria are tightly adhered to the human body. Wherever a person walks, it follows. Even after entering the moon and Mars, they will keep up.

The United States and Russia have paid huge sums of money and manpower to carry out research on the effects of space weightlessness on bacteria in space and on the ground. The experimental results show that under simulated weightlessness conditions, Salmonella has changed. Bacteria have increased their viability, they are more resistant to stomach acid and heat, and their reproduction and viability have increased. As we all know, Salmonella is a harmful bacteria to the human body, it is the culprit causing gastrointestinal diseases.

Astronauts are in a much better physical condition than normal people. After rigorous selection and training, astronauts who can go to heaven are guaranteed to be free of any disease. However, astronauts are unavoidable to be ill during the flight. Most are upper respiratory tract infections, viral gastritis, rubella, etc., which cause fever, red spot papules throughout the body, and enlarged lymph nodes behind the ears and neck. In the US "Apollo" mission, one astronaut suffered a very serious illness, which caused great difficulties in completing the landing mission to the moon. Vladimir Vashkin, astronaut of the Soviet Union "Salute" Also because of inflammatory diseases during the flight, the drugs on the station did not work for him, and he was forced to terminate the flight and return to the ground; Japanese astronaut Akiyama who participated in the Soviet Union "Soviet TM-11" had a high fever of 40 C during the flight and appeared Collapse, it would be a very dangerous thing. Therefore, countries have begun to pay attention to this phenomenon and spend huge sums of money to develop this kind of underwear that can protect the health of astronauts. So the aerospace underwear came into being. This kind of underwear has the functions of self-cleaning, antibacterial and deodorization to ensure that astronauts are not infected by germs in the vacuum.

The aerospace underwear is made of special fiber, which has strong antibacterial ability, making bacteria unable to survive and thus achieving self-cleaning and deodorizing effect, ensuring the health of the astronaut

Brand Opportunities

  • [招商信息] 加盟康纶巨资打造的航天内衣 Updated on February 25, 2013 11:23 [Investment Information] Joined Kang Lun to build aerospace underwear

    The traditional underwear market has formed a Red Sea pattern, and only the Blue Ocean market will obtain a greater return on investment. For example, with self-cleaning aerospace underwear, this product can effectively antibacterial and sterilize, and quickly opened up a blue ocean market. There are generally two types of spacesuits: in-flight spacesuits and out-of-space spacesuits. Spacesuits can: maintain the temperature of astronauts, maintain pressure balance, block strong and harmful radiation (such as from the sun ...

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Company Name: Shanghai Xingnuo Kanglun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Address: 901, 9th Floor, Qilai Building, No. 889 Yishan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Postcode: 200030
Phone: 400-1091-910 021-54488767 / 8/9
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 021- 54488748
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