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Brand Information

Brand Name: Shang Hui

English name: Fashion Fitting

Origin: China


Brand Grade: Low Grade
Main Products: Underwear Design
Brand Features: The first professional underwear design agency in China
Phone: 020-37570501
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  • Shang Hui underwear design classic case Prague

    Shang Hui underwear design classic case Prague

    Love in Prague is a classic case of Shang Hui's lingerie design, inspired by the court love of princes and princesses

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Fashion fitting Lingerie expert from France, Shanghui (International) Guangzhou Jianshang Clothing Co., Ltd., is currently the most professional underwear design agency leader in China. It has many professional underwear designers, combining international fashion trends and Chinese women's underwear Market demand, precise positioning, tailor-made research and development of new product series designs for your brand; meanwhile, the company also establishes cooperative relationships with professional designers from France, Japan and Hong Kong to provide more authoritative information for your brand stand by.

--- We do not make a brand, but only serve the brand. We apply professional design ideas to all stages of brand development, inject soul and blood into the brand, and enhance the image and value of the brand ...

Shang Hui's customers:

Among the brands that have served are-domestic brand customers An Lifang, Oge Hua, Li Mei Li, Qu Mei, Comfit, Fendi Shi, Meng Yi Shi, Jacqueline, etc. in Europe, America and Japan customers Justcavalli, lasenza, Diesel, luna, Intimissmi, D & G, etc.

Shang Hui's services:

1. Overall product design (design, pattern making, output of technical information, production and processing, etc.)

2.New product promotion (brand album shooting and production, new product professional sales training, new product planning and professional release, professional investment planning and release)

3.New brand positioning plan (brand market positioning, consumer group positioning analysis, product planning, design consultant)

4.Brand bidding cooperation (brand name registration, brand planning, products)

5. Professional customization services for high-end and high-end people

Contact information

Company Name: Guangzhou Jianshang Clothing Co., Ltd.
Company Address: EF, 20th Floor, Runde Building, No. 23 Huajiu Road, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
Postcode: 510627
Phone: 020-37570501
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 020-37857997
Enterprise official website: