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Brand Information

Brand Name: Wanjiahong

English name: Sunny home

Origin: Jiangsu, China

Founded: 1988

Brand grade: mid-range
Main Products: Thermal underwear, thermal pants, down underwear, casual underwear
Brand Features: Endorsement of Chinese Famous Brand Famous Star
Phone: 0510-86384056 86392668
Consulting QQ number:
Brand URL: http://www.wajaho.com.cn/
Brand Weibo:
Online mall: http://wanjiahong.tmall.com/
  • Wanjiahong Thermal Underwear 2012 will return

    Wanjiahong Thermal Underwear 2012 will return

    On March 13, 2012, the well-known thermal underwear brand Wanjiahong participated in the 2012 Needle Fair.

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China red, Wanjia red, red is the color of China, and it is also a symbol of China. Red palace walls, red lanterns, red weddings, red spring couplets, from ancient times to the present, Chinese people's lives are full of red decorative themes.

Wanjiahong, a brand with a traditional Chinese complex, contains the Chinese elements of "harmony, auspiciousness, warmth, blessing, and prosperity". For a long time, Wanjiahong's unique "Wanjia lights, happiness and warmth" style has given people A warm humane care.

The new Wanjiahong, while continuing the constant "family culture", further integrates the elements of traditional culture-"love, joy, blessing" and so on, refining the brand culture of "bringing love home" Make "Wanjiahong" products a symbol of caring for the family!

Brand Opportunities

  • [招商信息] 万家红保暖内衣加盟合作条件 Updated on February 16, 2013 11:25 [Investment Information] Wanjiahong Thermal Underwear Joining Cooperation Conditions

    A legal person or business organization with legal qualifications has a strong desire for success and the courage to dare to do something big. Has a certain brand of clothing sales experience, has the ability to operate and manage, operate and sustainable development, trustworthy, has the necessary investment funds, and has a certain vibrant business. Groups, smooth channel resources, and high-quality terminal sales networks agree with the business philosophy and operating model of the "Wanjiahong" brand ...

Contact information

Company Name: Jiangyin Wanjiahong Clothing Co., Ltd.
Company Address: No. 18 Jiannan Road, Zhutang Town Industrial Park, Jiangyin City
Postcode: 214400
Phone: 0510-86384056 86392668
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 0510-86392921
Enterprise official website: http://www.wajaho.com.cn/