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Brand Information

Brand Name: Yiqi

English name: IQQI

Origin: Shenzhen, China

Founded: 2004

Brand grade: mid-range
Main Products: Maternity Underwear, Nursing Bra, Maternity Home Wear
Brand Features: Maternity Underwear Expert
Phone: 0755-82432832
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  • Yiqi embodies simplicity with simple white rose red

    Yiqi embodies delicate white rose red with simplicity

    Pregnant in October, women spend most of their time in the home environment, creating a comfortable temperature for themselves and the baby in the belly

  • Yixi white matte maternity bra for scientific wear

    Yixi white powder lattice pregnant women's bra scientific wear

    Wear underwear scientifically, and it will be more beautiful after giving birth. Provide the most consumers

  • Yixi Maternity Bra with Shrimp Powder Lace on White

    Yixi Maternity Bra with Shrimp Powder Lace on White

    Yixi White Shrimp Lace Maternity Bra with Multi-layered Lace Ribbon

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As early as humans, pearls were discovered when primitive people searched for food along the coast and rivers. The pearls in the mother's warm body enjoy complete tolerance and nourishment. The mother-of-pearl puts on thousands of blood and tears, giving birth to dazzling treasures, as every life in this world has inherited this most unselfish love. With her life and great motherly love, the mother-of-pearl created the most suitable habitat for her pearls in this world; every mother is creating the most suitable habitat for her treasures; IQQI, for every one The mother created a fertile breeding ground.

Brand interpretation:

International --- Based on international trends

Quality --- Create excellent product quality

Question (thinking change) ——— Solving customer doubts and meeting customer needs is the source of creativity

Idea (idea) --- meeting customer needs as a source of creativity

Slogan: IQQI Yiqi-The Most Comfortable Maternity Underwear Science Wears Underwear More Beautiful

Choose IQQI pregnant women's underwear to minimize the impact of pregnancy on the figure. Brand identity: Maternity underwear expert; Style positioning: Comfortable fit; Product structure: Nursing bras, panties, nursing home clothing, warm clothing, postpartum bodybuilding clothing, radiation protection clothing and other series.

Terminal image

Yiqi IQQI maternity underwear store door image

Yiqi IQQI maternity underwear store door image

Where is the Yiqi IQQI store, it is particularly eye-catching, not only because of its stylish and stylish store image, but also because its consumers are the cutest people around. Every woman with a big belly will walk into Yiqi. Pay more attention. Yiqi is one of the most well-known maternity underwear brands in China, with an extremely wide consumer group, so joining Yiqi has become a wealth of entrepreneurs ... [Detail]

Contact information

Company Name: Shenzhen Yiqi Clothing Co., Ltd.
Address of Company: 5th Floor, Building 511, Bagua Sanlu Brand Clothing Base, Futian District, Shenzhen
Postcode: 518029
Phone: 0755-82432832
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 0755-82434268
Enterprise official website: