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Merchants join in love underwear thermal underwear project

Brand Name: Ai Poem
English name: APPROACH
Main Products: Men's underwear, ladies' underwear, thermal underwear
Brand Features: Intimate
Price range: 100-1200 yuan
Brand URL:
Affiliated enterprises: Aipu Shi (Suzhou) Clothing Co., Ltd.
Phone: 020-89206480 89206500
Consulting QQ number:
If you are interested in this project and would like to get more detailed information, please click the button below to leave a message, thank you!
Free information request consultation conditions and procedures I hope to join
Project theme: Ai Shishi thermal underwear joined
Investment quota: 200,000 to 500,000 yuan
Franchise area: National
Business model: agency, franchise
Development model: regional agency, free agency
Suitable for investment crowd: free entrepreneurship, on-the-job investment, addition of existing companies, graduate entrepreneurship, others

Conditions and requirements for investment in love

Basic investment amount per store 300000
Requirements for shops 50 square meters or more
Store image requirements Unified image by company
Franchise / Agent Requirements Possessing qualified legal business premises, recognizing the brand philosophy and management model of Aipu Shi, and possessing certain channel development capabilities and brand management capabilities.
Operational management requirements Has a professional team that can obey company management requirements and implement company policies.
other requirements
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Ipsos franchise fee

management fee no training fee no
Equipment costs no Royalties no
Franchise no Brand royalties no
Margin 3-5 million First purchase fee 200 thousand
Equity no other fee no
Expenses no

◆ APPROACH love poems, a famous French underwear brand meaning "intimate contact". It was founded in the 1980s and has a long history. It is well-known in France, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands and other European countries.

◆ In 2002, the APPROACH brand entered China, adhering to the European simple and stylish design concept, positioning elegant, intellectual, simple and fashionable, tailoring three-dimensional, natural selection of materials, much favored by white collar workers and successful people.

◆ APPROACH brand, following the French noble ancestry, locates the mid- to high-end consumer market of “urban upstart and exquisite life” and “pursuit of quality of life”, and the brand seeks to meet the market consumption upgrade trend. Exquisite quality, excellent workmanship, comparable to top international top brands.

◆ APPROACH brand with rich products. It covers regular underwear, thermal underwear, boutique underwear, leisure home, fashion suspenders, vests and other varieties throughout the year. Hundreds of varieties are launched each spring, summer, autumn and winter to meet different market needs.

◆ Brand Story

In the 1960s, in the small town of Chamonix, France, there was a well-known underwear tailor shop, and people came to buy underwear. The owner's daughter AIMEE and young apprentice PAUL in the tailor's shop are in love. PAUL often writes poems to AIMEE in the moonlight, and through poetry they are intimately contacted with each other. But the snobbish tailor's owner insisted that he would not allow his daughter to marry a poor man with nothing. He told PAUL that if he wanted to marry his baby daughter, he had to make an underwear that could surpass his craft. In order to be with the beloved girl, PAUL agreed to this request. PAUL went to great lengths to find the most comfortable fabric. Finally, he made a underwear with unique fabrics and fashionable designs. PAUL, who was full of confidence, was going to find his boss, but they moved away, and there was no news. Sad PAUL left this ancient town with this unique underwear. He came to Paris alone to start the "APPROACH" underwear store. I hope that AIMEE will see this store one day and think of their poetry in the moonlight. Good times, remembering the good times they had intimately communicated with each other, returned to him, and let the two long-separated hearts approach again.

◆ Brand moral

APPROACH logo is the core design element of the visual identity system. It is the image expression of the brand spirit and cultural concept. The correct and full understanding of the logo will help the logo to be better applied and spread. 1. The slim design of the sans-serif typeface emphasizes the brand's visual recognition, being generous and elegant, and highlighting the intellectual beauty of the brand. 2. The overlapping design of the two Ps means that the two people (people) are close to each other, expressing the deep meaning of "approach"; the graphic design in P, like the pointer of time, represents the classic design of Aipu poetry products, Permanent quality. 3. The double p shape breaks through the conventional font order, which means the spirit of continuous development and pioneering spirit of the enterprise! 4. Black and gold are used as the classic match in color. Black represents fashion and classic. Gold stands for eternity and quality!