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Brand Information

Brand Name: Madden Maduo

English name: Modern Girl

Origin: Taiwan, China

Founded: 2005

Brand grade: middle and high grade
Main Products: Bras, Panties, Body Lingerie
Brand Features: Taiwan's well-known underwear brand is young, fashionable, and New York
Phone: 0800-024241
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  • Taiwan Madden Maduo underwear style design

    Taiwan Madden Maduo underwear style design

    In Taiwan, Madden Underwear is the favorite of thousands of women, and its unique design style is attractive to them.

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Modern Girl Madden Maduo was born in 2005. Aisini International Enterprise is the second self-made brand after Mandima.

Young ‧ Fashion ‧ New York, young → love to be exposed and dare to be yourself; fashion → life attitude is free, values are good for you; New York → absolute texture, international outlook, high tolerance

What the new woman wants is to be free and unrestrained. You don't have to look forward and backward between the movement and the quiet. The underwear that the new woman wants is not the shackles of worldly etiquette, but the soul that blooms talents and charms. This is the Modern Girl Madden Maduo.

Brand Opportunities

  • [我要加盟] 加盟台湾玛登玛朵内衣让创业致富更轻松 Updated on December 17, 2012 15:12 [I want to join] Joining Taiwan Madden Maduo underwear makes it easier to get rich

    In Taiwan, Madden Maduo is a well-known underwear brand. After entering mainland China, it has also been loved by thousands of women. For women who love beauty, choosing underwear is one of the most important things in their daily lives, so delicate underwear is more likely to gain their favor. For underwear franchisees, finding a best-selling underwear brand is the key to getting rich. Mainland China underwear brand ...

Contact information

Company Name: Aisini International Co., Ltd.
Company Address: No. 22, Aisan Road, Ren'ai District, Taiwan, China
Phone: 0800-024241
Contact: Marketing Department
Enterprise official website: