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Fiber Tingya Women's Underwear Project Merchants Join

Brand Name: Fiber Tingya
English name: SIN TIA
Main Products: Bras, Underwear, Underwear, Pajamas
Brand characteristics: health, comfort and environmental protection
The price range:
Brand URL:
Company: Foshan Shannaer Underwear Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0757-85729808
Consulting QQ number:
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Project Theme: Ling Tingya Women's Underwear
Investment quota: 10,000 to 100,000 yuan
Franchise area: National
Business model: distribution, agency, franchise, cooperation
Development model: distribution, regional agency
Suitable for investors: free entrepreneurship, on-the-job investment, increase in existing companies

Fiber Tingya Investment Conditions and Requirements

Basic investment amount per store
Requirements for shops
Store image requirements
Franchise / Agent Requirements
Operational management requirements
other requirements

      Fiber Tingya Investment Information

        Fiber Tingya franchise fees

        management fee no training fee no
        equipment cost no Royalties no
        Franchise no Brand royalties no
        Margin no First purchase fee no
        Equity no other fee no
        Expenses no

        The founder of SINTIA, Miss You sintia, formerly known as Gabrielle you sintia, was born in Auvergne, France in 1881. Miss Elaine's mother died at the age of 6, and her father left her and four other brothers and sisters. Since then, she has been raised by her aunt, attended Convent School as a child, and learned needlework there. When Ms. Elegance was 22 years old (1902), she became a singer in a coffee shop and named herself "YISTA".

        In 1910, Elegant Li Tingya opened a handmade women's fashion shop in Paris. With extraordinary needlework skills, Xian Tingya sewed one after another with simple and beautiful fashion. At that time, the ladies were tired of fancy trims, so the fashion designed by Xian Tingya was like a spring to them. In just one year, Xian Tingya's business has been rising. So Elegant Li Tianya moved her store to the more stylish Kangming neighborhood, which is still the site of the company's headquarters today. But fashion can never satisfy the elegant ambition of elegant Li Tingya, so she began to enter the high-end custom fashion, while entering the field of underwear. In 1914, Elegant Li Xianting opened two fashion underwear stores, and the far-reaching fashion brand "SINTIA" was officially announced.

        Into the 1920s, Miss Tingya designed a lot of innovative styles, such as knitted suspender skirts, little black skirts, bottle collar pullovers, plastic clothes and so on. Moreover, she took inspiration from women's wear and men's clothing, added a little more neutral fashion taste to women's underwear, and changed the overwhelmingly gorgeous fashion of women's underwear. For example, the hollow-out style was added to the Slim Tingya women's collection, and the Slim Tingya women's body shaping body was boldly launched. Don't forget that in the 1920s, women would only wear skirts. There was almost no concept about the beauty and shape of underwear.

        In addition to fashion, Xian Tingya also launched the famous SINTIANo.6 jewelry in 1922. SINTIANo.6 ornament is a square glass pendant with art deco flavor. SINTIANo.6 is the first jewelry ever named after a designer. To this day, the overseas Tingya boutiques are still the key products to promote.

        In the 1930s and 1940s, when World War II broke out, Elegant Li Tingya shut down the store and settled in Switzerland with her boyfriend in love. In 1954, she returned to France and made a comeback. Afterwards, Ms. Elegance Lian Tingya quickly captured the ladies of Paris with her consistent simplicity and natural style. Elegant underwear, beautifying human body clothes, fashion home, girl's underwear, and so on are all works of the post-war period of Xian Tingya • Elegant Beauty. The SINTIA brand is also the most glorious in the history of French fashion.

        Contact information

        Company Name: Foshan Shannaer Underwear Co., Ltd.
        Company address: No. 32 Lian'an Avenue, Yanbu, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
        Phone: 0757-85729808
        Contact: Marketing Department
        Fax: 0757-85723416
        Enterprise official website: