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Brand Information

Brand Name: Red Bean

English name: HO do

Origin: Jiangsu, China

Founded: 1984

Brand grade: high-end
Main Products: Home Wear, Underwear, Thermal Underwear, Men's Underwear, Underwear, Women's Underwear
Brand Features: Top Ten Chinese Knitted Underwear Brands CCTV China Brand of the Year
Phone: 0510-66868888-8261
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  • Red Bean Home Hosted Departmental Automation Sharing

    Red Bean Home Hosted Departmental Automation Sharing

    On December 16, 2012, the home company's functional department automation sharing meeting was successfully held in Dingshang Hotel. The company

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In the Hongdou Group, underwear production has a long history, and spinning and weaving began in 1957. Today, the company's leading product, "Red Bean" brand underwear, is a well-known trademark in China. In 2010, after being researched by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, it was identified as a model enterprise for the implementation of the national trademark strategy.

Relying on the advantages of the group, Red Bean Underwear uses the "Red Bean" symbol of beauty, auspiciousness, and good luck as its trademark. With advanced technology and equipment, first-class design teams, international design concepts and excellent corporate culture, it produces unique underwear series. product. In recent years, the company has continuously developed new fabric underwear, such as air-conditioning underwear, heating fiber underwear, pearl skin underwear, etc. These products not only adhere to the traditional characteristics of environmental protection and comfort, but also in line with modern scientific research technology, with health care functions. In 2006, the company was rated as "the fourth executive director unit of China Knitting Industry Association", "deputy director unit of underwear committee of China Garment Association", "deputy director unit of Jiangsu Knitting Industry Association", in December of the same year, Hongdou underwear Was rated as "national inspection-free product", in September 2007 Hongdou underwear won the "Chinese Famous Brand" honorary title. The achievement of the honor has established Hongdou underwear's strong position in the industry. The company's other products are HODOHOME Red Bean Home, "Red Bean Love" underwear, "Acacia Bird" underwear, "Red Bean Tree" underwear, "Acacia" underwear, "Southland" underwear, "Acacia Bean" underwear and so on.

Wuxi Hongdou Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is writing a new entrepreneurial triumph with a brand-new look in the spirit of red beans of "integrity, innovation, dedication and excellence".

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Hongdou underwear store front door renderings

Hongdou underwear store front door renderings

Hongdou is a well-known trademark in China and a well-known brand in China. Hongdou uses Chinese red as the theme color. This is not only reflected in the style and color of its products. It also uses a big red tone in the red bean underwear specialty store, showing a festive and peaceful atmosphere. So it stands out. ... [detailed]

Contact information

Company Name: Wuxi Hongdou Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.
Company address: Gangxia Hongdou Industrial City, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
Postcode: 214199
Phone: 0510-66868888-8261
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 0510-88762247
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