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Brand Information

Brand Name: Lan Miao

English name: LA MIU

Origin: Japan

Founded: 2008

Brand grade: middle and high grade
Main Products: Underwear, Ladies' Underwear, Bra, Panties, Home Service
Brand Features: Tokyo Fashion Functional Underwear
Phone: 010-59839500
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  • Lan Miao Xiuna series underwear you are all

    Lan Miao Xiuna series underwear you are all

    The Xuna series is a high-end product in Lamiao underwear. The main fabrics are imported from France and Italy.

  • Chaozhou girls become house gods

    Chaozhou girl turned into house and male and female god was rated the most beautiful

    Zhou Xiuna has the title of a man and woman god in China. After becoming the spokesperson for Lan Miao underwear, she has launched

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In 2003, Kanazu Daisuke, a family of textiles in Tokyo, Japan, took out an underwear design room from his father's friends out of personal interest and named it Lamiu. In addition to providing design for some brands, Daisuke Jinjin and some of his designer friends also customized underwear and related products for some models and artists, and gradually became popular in this small circle. In 2005, Dong Lu, an investment bank at Goldman Sachs in Japan, met Jinjin Daisuke and gradually became a good friend. In 2007, Dong Lu and Jinjin Daisuke negotiated to establish a clothing communication sales company in China that mainly focuses on Japanese and Japanese fashion. At that time, they had no successful experience in sales in China, and they faced great difficulties in introducing other Japanese brands. At this time, Lamiu became the first choice. At the end of the same year, the designer redesigned the Lamiu brand logo as LA MIU, and matched it with the peach heart music symbol, retaining the design style of the combination of angels and little devil, and transformed into a consumer brand for sale in China and OEM in Japan Sales.

In early 2008, they raised initial startup capital from Japanese investors. According to the requirements of investors, it registered Unlimited Brands Ltd. and its wholly-owned subsidiary in China: Youpin Life (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and recruited employees to start the entrepreneurial journey of LA MIU China. "Making things good" is Dong Lu's childhood dream. LA MIU introduced Japan's excellent fashion design, excellent quality management, and excellent service concepts into China, providing cost-effective products and providing consumers with real value. In July 2008, with the launch of the direct sales website, LA MIU sales in China officially began. With the rapid development of LA MIU, a total of USD 5 million in venture capital was obtained in mid-2009. Investors include Japan's largest e-commerce company, mobile retail company, and securities company. Relying on Japan's leading fashion design and surpassing the speed of style updates of first-line underwear brands in China, LA MIU has become a representative brand of fast fashion underwear. As of December 2009, nearly two thousand styles have been sold, and more than 300,000 members have purchased nearly two million products in total. LA MIU not only won the love of members, but also became a favorite underwear brand for models and artists. In 2009, more than 100 Chinese and Japanese models, movie stars, and singers frequently wore LA MIU products to major fashion media. The total volume of the LA MIU catalog has exceeded 600,000 copies. At present, the circulation of each issue has exceeded some mainstream fashion magazines in China.

Today, LA MIU has become not only one of the most well-known brands in the field of communications sales, but also physical stores have been recognized by consumers. Beijing Xidan Juntai Department Store, as the first physical store of LA MIU in China, opened in April 2009 and is currently the number one selling brand in the fashion underwear area. In the future, LA MIU will gradually enter mid- to high-end shopping malls in first-tier cities across the country.

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Lan Miao Beijing counter physical storefront

Lan Miao Beijing counter physical storefront

As the first physical store of LA MIU in China, Lan Miao Juntai Store is full of Japanese-style fashion from store decoration to product design. The designer boldly broke the norm and combined the "angel and little devil" underwear design concept to form a unique brand in the Japanese underwear industry. ... [detailed]

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Company Name: Lan Miao Clothing Co., Ltd.
Company Address: 11th Floor, Shuangjing R & F Center Office Building, East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Postcode: 100000
Phone: 010-59839500
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 010-59105518-816
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