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Brand Information

Brand Name: Catman

English name: miiow

Origin: China

Founded: 1998

Brand grade: middle and high grade
Main Products: Bra, Panties, Body Underwear, Home Wear, Pajamas, Men's Underwear
Brand Features: Create the No. 1 charm brand in the East
Phone: 4000176288
Consulting QQ number:
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Catman International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale brand operating group dedicated to professional research and development and management of fashionable underwear and trendy women's clothing. It owns wholly-owned and joint-venture companies in Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangdong and Hong Kong. There are 5 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, with dozens of branches and offices all over the country, and more than 2,000 employees.

Wuhan Maoren Brand Management Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in two core businesses: "Cat Human Sexy Zone", and the operation and authorization of Maoren brand assets.

One of the core businesses: Cat-Man Sexy Zone

Core Business 2: Cat-Man Group Brand Asset Management and Authorization

Taking Catman and its lilies, Robeca, and Gunas as brand assets, it grafts companies with production capacity and brand operation capabilities to achieve category extension and brand value-added.

Wuhan Maoren Brand Management Co., Ltd. has a senior professional team of nearly 50 people, with an average age of 30 years. Adhering to the corporate culture of "integrity, efficiency, innovation, and transcendence", the Maoren Group and the brand assets management Authorized business spreads nationwide.

Terminal image

Catman Wuhan Jiangxia Causeway Bay Plaza

Catman Wuhan Jiangxia Causeway Bay Plaza

What you are enjoying now is Catman Underwear Wuhan Jiangxia Causeway Bay Plaza. From the picture you can see that Catman Underwear Monopoly is particularly eye-catching, even in a well-known brand like Luowan Plaza. In China, cat-men's underwear is a household name and has the reputation of being the number one glamour underwear brand in China. ... [detailed]

Contact information

Company Name: Catman Brand Management Co., Ltd.
Company Address: 25th Floor, Office Building B, New World Center, 634 Jiefang Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan
Postcode: 430000
Phone: 4000176288
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 027-83591717
Enterprise official website: