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Brand Information

Brand Name: Ou Difen

English name: ordifen

Origin: Taiwan

Founded: 1980

Brand grade: high-end
Main Products: Bras, Underwear, Home Wear, Pajamas, Slimming Underwear, Thermal Underwear
Brand Features: Caring for Women
Phone: 021-60850888
Consulting QQ number:
Brand URL: http://www.ordifen.com.cn/
Brand Weibo: http://weibo.com/ordifengroup
Online mall: http://www.e-ordifen.com/
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  • Light, stylish and breathable
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    Odifen Cup 2013 China Underwear Design Awards

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    Oudifen Cup 2012 China Underwear Design

    China Underwear Design Competition, formerly known as the Odifen Cup Chinese Elements Innovation Design Competition, has been through since 2005

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To women, underwear seems to be the second skin. Underwear tells, expresses, and conveys women's tenderness. Taking underwear as a business requires infinite enthusiasm, and more importantly, adhering to the belief of caring-giving women the most intimate care. Ou Difen, it is precisely this belief into his actual motivation, adhere to fashion, adhere to research and development, adhere to healthy design concepts, and achieve excellent and outstanding women's underwear brand.

In 1993, Oudifen International Group opened the first counter in Beijing, successfully promoted the women's underwear boutique to the mainland market, and committed to the development of public welfare, culture, and multi-brands, and determined to become a leader in the field of underwear in China.

In 1996, Odifen registered a company in Shanghai and invested to build a factory. In 1999, it introduced an international franchise business model and launched a franchise plan. In 2000, Ou Difen passed the ISO9002 quality assurance certification, and meets the needs of customers with international quality standards. In order to fully meet the needs of women of different ages and lifestyles, the Group has successively developed the French young lingerie brand "Rubii" and the French high-end brand "Ilse (伊夏)", and represents the leading American invisible lingerie brand "NuBra". At this stage, the Oudifen Group has a complete channel business office, with nearly 1,040 counters and franchise stores across the country.

Ou Difen knows that caring for women is not only reflected in excellent product quality. Regarding underwear as a long-term career, Odifen is more committed to the humanistic care of women. Odifen International Group adheres to the business philosophy of "sincerity, diligence, simplicity, and pragmatism", and opens up new highlights such as Chinese red, underwear outer wear, and water bag patents for the underwear industry with fashion and innovative research and development concepts. Underwear fashion is the mission. It has been more than ten years since the creation of the Odifen underwear culture festival. It has introduced a large-scale multimedia stage drama "Looking for Clothes", created underwear fashion trends, held the "Odifin Cup" Chinese underwear element innovation design competition, and established the Odifin underwear design talent base. , Launched "995 Rescue Breast" breast health public welfare activities, etc., while caring for women, Odifen is sowing care to the society, advocating environmental protection, donating to disaster areas, and sublimating harmony!

In many years of operation, Odifen takes the mission of "building the most caring lingerie brand" and has formed five advantages of "fashion taste, cultural temperament, charisma, innovation and public spirit"! Odifin will, as always, "use underwear culture Move the world "!

Contact information

Company Name: Ou Difen International Group
Company Address: No. 7089 Zhongchun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Postcode: 201101
Phone: 021-60850888
Contact: Marketing Department
Fax: 021-60850888
Enterprise official website: http://www.ordifen.com.cn/