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Brand Information

Brand Name: Love Emperor

English name: I'd

Origin: Wuhan, China

Founded: 1994

Brand grade: mid-range
Main Products: Underwear, Thermal Underwear, Home Wear, Pajamas, Knitted Underwear
Brand Features: The No. 1 Brand of Nursing Underwear in China
Phone: 027-83516181
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  • Ai Di debuted in the spring and summer of 2013

    Ai Di debuted in the spring and summer of 2013

    On March 12, 2013, the Needle Fair opened in Pudong, Shanghai. China's No.1 nursing underwear brand

  • China's first nursing underwear brand Aidi will

    China's first nursing underwear brand Aidi will

    The most intimate care expert who understands the needs of the body, the Emperor underwear brand will participate in the 95th China Knitwear

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Aidi, the first brand of nursing underwear in China. As a "next-to-body care expert", Aidi understands the needs of the body. The original underwear "A +" standard raises the safety level of underwear from "B" required by the state to "A" for infants and young children, and combines with "Knitwear Engineering Technology Research Center" located at Aidi's headquarters to develop from new fabrics To the optimization of the production process, combining the three leading indicators of class A health, natural fiber, and mild acid, weaving a new experience of healthy and comfortable skin.

Class A health-the highest national clothing safety standards, free of harmful substances such as heavy metals.

Unsafe underwear is like a "toxic storehouse" full of formaldehyde, carcinogenic aromatic amines, and various harmful heavy metal substances. Therefore, underwear must pass the national "GB18401-2003" mandatory standard. This standard divides clothing safety into three categories: A, B, and C. It specifies that category A is for infants and young children; category B is for products that directly contact the skin; and category C is for products that are not in direct skin contact. Generally, the underwear can reach Class B, but Aidi's "A +" underwear must pass the strict Class A inspection.

Natural fiber——All natural fibers from plants and animals are comfortable and breathable.

Modal made of European beech wood, cashmere made from alpine goats, tencel refined with 100% eucalyptus pulp, and refined natural bamboo fiber.

Weak acid mild-PH value 5.5, consistent with the pH of the human body surface, does not irritate the skin.

There is a protective layer of weak acid on the human skin surface. If the weak acid of the protective film is reduced, the skin will become dry and rough. Love Emperor's "A +" underwear, unique fabric weak acid treatment technology, so that clothing also has a weak acid environment PH5.5.

Contact information

Company Name: Wuhan Aidi Advanced Clothing Co., Ltd.
Address of Company: No. 8 Jiangwang Road, Jianghan Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Postcode: 430000
Phone: 027-83516181
Contact: Mr. Zhu
Fax: 027-83368008
Enterprise official website: